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Two college buddies from the 1960’s  reunite in mid-later life and resume their friendship.  Both explore their separate past adventures and find that they still share many common interests.  High on their list, after spouses of course, is a love of red wine.  After much discussion with spousal input and collaboration a decision is made to begin making wine for private consumption using the abundance of quality grapes available each autumn from the wine growing regions of Eastern Washington.  Cabernet Sauvignon is chosen as the initial grape, owing to the availability of old friends with experience making wine with this varietal.  A loose, informal partnership is formed and includes a third couple.  One becomes the winemaker, the other two contribute willing labor and cash.  First harvest is 2005.  1000 lbs of Cabernet are purchased and hauled over the Cascades in a pickup truck. It’s fermented, pressed and put in a barrel.  18 months later - Yummy!  Beginners luck!?   We’ve now been through eight vintages.   In addition to Cabernet Sauvignon, we have made Merlot, Syrah and this year - Sangiovese.  In addition, the past two vintages, Mike has made Rose’.  Last year it was Cab, this year, Sangio.  We have also added a few “shareholders” expanding our ownership group by three.  Our goal was to produce drinkable table wine and we have succeeded.  Our wines are ever-pleasing and different each year.

This website exists to share our experiences and to promote Washington and Oregon wines.....  We hope it also expresses our love of family, friends and food.

Mike and Dianna, our winemaker and wife, have their own website:  VISIT -

Twisted Vine Cellars is a retired couple’s wine-making, cellaring, and wine appreciation hobby. We’re dedicated to storing and sharing fine Pacific North West red wines with friends and family.

John & Noreen  Dec 2012


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